Industrial piping

Seamless and welded carbon, stainless and alloy steel pipes, for various range of temperatures and pressures, suitable for corrosive environment. The products fulfill with ASME, EN and PED Codes and are tested into laboratories.

Piping fittings

BW fittings, in particular elbows, Tees, concentric and excentric reductions, caps, socket welded / threaded fittings in all the materials available for the different applications.


Welding Neck (WN) e Long Welding Neck (LWN), Blind, Slip on, Socket weld, Threaded, e Lap Joint. Available into all ANSI and API classes. Steel, carbon and other available materials.  


 highly specialized business unit, short realization times and highly competitive packages.

Gaskets and bolts

spiral, ovals, octagons shaped and made by a wide range of materials.

Special pieces

custom-made pieces required by our clients.