LNG and Natural Gas Projects Management

  • Business Case Study.
  • Study and analysis for site selection to develope the projects. Comparative analysis.
  • Review of basic, conceptual and visualization engineering. Advice on technical aspects related to installations.
  • Permission mapping and needed authorizations. Permission management. Relationship with authorities.
  • Technical advice in complete management of the projects.
  • Reviewing and monitoring of contracts and/or operating agreements between parties. 

Operative Support and Plant Commissioning

  • Technical support and operations control needed for start-up. Monitoring and control of commissioning and pre-commissioning activities.
  • Control of operations, daily parts, reports. Production and transfer operations in Plant or dock, ship-to-ship operations.
  • Monitoring of maintenance actions associated to facilities.
  • Management of permits and authorization documents for operating. Monitoring of needed actions to keep permits active. Relationship with authorities.

Nautical consulting related to Projects

  • Configuration analysis of ship mooring  associated to operation.
  • Support in nautical simulations and mooring conditions, limitations and operative procedures.
  • Monitoring and quality control of processes and products.
  • Management of permits for navigation, site operations and mooring.